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  • The CMS Matrix allows you to search for a content management system that contains the features of your choice. Based on my last search, I'd like to read more about the ones listed below. They're all free, use software available on Dreamhost, and they appear to have the features I'm looking for.
    • WebGUI 6.8
    • Sitellite CMS 4.2
    • TYPO3 3.8.1
    • Tiki CMS/Groupware 1.9.2
    • Xaraya 1.0
    • MD-Pro 1.0.75
    • Mambo 4.5.3
    • Midgard CMS 1.7.0
  • OpenSourceCMS has information and demos on a number of open source systems.
  • alahup looks interesting, and they offer a free license to Dreamhosters, but there may be a catch.
  • MuraveyWeb is a Ruby-based CMS worth checking out.
  • typo is a blogging tool written in Ruby